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How to Measure Your Feet for Custom Made Shoes: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • June 04, 2023
  • Shoe Guide

The days when people have to settle for ill-fitted shoes are long gone. In today’s modern world, people have the luxury of going for custom made shoes to rescue their soles. Men, in particular, understand the struggle of finding a perfect fit, as their feet are mostly huge. That’s why most men have no choice but to get their shoes custom made, which they enjoy. Not only do the custom shoes offer unparalleled comfort and style, but they also resolve the issues caused by wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes.

foot measurement guide, Measure Your Feet for Custom Made Shoes

However, to get comfortable and perfectly fitted custom shoes, you must know how to measure foot size, as it is an absolute game changer. Mismeasuring the foot length and width will make your custom-made shoes either too tight, loose or just plain uncomfortable. Not only will they cause you significant pain and discomfort, but they will also be a waste of your hard-earned money.

Scroll down to learn how to measure your shoe size accurately, mistakes to avoid, and much more!

Importance of Accurate Foot Measurements for a Custom Shoe Fit

Before shedding light on essential steps for measuring foot width and length accurately, it is important to understand why accurate foot measurements are crucial to getting a perfect custom shoe fit. Imagine you are visiting a shoe store to buy new shoes, looking at many rows of running shoes or formal shoes. You spot a pair that catches your eye, and without even a second thought, you grab your usual size and make a purchase. Did you do anything wrong? Absolutely. There are a large number of people wearing shoes of the wrong size. While it might not seem serious, the consequences of wearing ill-fitted shoes are disastrous.

measuring tape for custom shoes

The wrong size shoe can significantly damage your feet, from painful blisters to foot deformities. Therefore, if you want your custom-made shoes to fit like a dream, you must consider accurate foot length measurements. If you don’t have precise foot measurements, the customised shoes will end up being an uncomfortable nightmare that costs you a fortune. Imagine squeezing your poor toes into a pair that’s too tight or floating in an excess space because they are too loose.

However, by getting precise foot measurements, you can ensure that every nook and cranny of your foot is accounted for, resulting in a fit that is as cosy as fur. Therefore, put away the guesswork and grab a tape measure to know your exact shoe size. Your feet will thank you, and you will never have to settle for anything less than a perfect fit.

Steps to Measure Your Feet for Custom-Made Shoes

Before diving into the world of customized shoes, you need to master the art of measuring your feet accurately. Grab a pen, paper, and a measuring tape and follow the steps mentioned below to measure your feet for custom-fit shoes:
how to measure shoe size with measuring tape

Step #1: Prepare your Feet

If you want your feet’ measurements to be accurate, you must ensure that they are in their natural and non-swollen state. Therefore, you must find a comfortable spot to sit down and relax. Remove your shoes and let your feet breathe for a while. To get precise measurements, make sure to put your feet on a flat surface.

Step # 2: Measure the Foot Length

Pick a measuring tape that is long enough to measure your foot’s length and width accurately. Place the measuring tape on the floor, ensuring it’s flat and straight. Position your heel against the starting point of the tape and extend it along the length of your foot until you reach the tip of your big toe. Make sure the tape is taut but not overly tight. Take note of this measurement in either inches or centimeters.

measuring feet for shoe size

Step # 3: Measure the Foot Width

Once you are done measuring the foot length, it is time to get the shoe width right. Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your foot, usually below the toe area. Again, ensure the tape is not constricting. Note down the width measurement as well on the paper.

Step # 4: Repeat for the Other Foot

Feet are not always perfectly symmetric. Therefore, it is important to measure both feet individually. Once you have the measurements for both, you should go for the larger measurements to ensure a comfortable fit.

Step # 5: Double-check your Measurements

Don’t forget to review the recorded measurements. If something seems off, measure your foot again. The measurements need to be as precise as possible for perfectly-fitted custom shoes.

Step #6: Consult the Shoe Size Chart

Once you have the foot width and length measurement, it is time to look at the size chart to find the perfect shoe size for yourself. The size chart varies from brand to brand. Therefore, refer to the specific chart provided by the brand you are considering.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Measuring Your Feet for Custom Shoes

When it comes to custom-made shoes, precision is everything. However, there are a few common mistakes that can trip you up along the way, such as:

  1. Neglecting to measure both feet individually as feet are not always twins and can have slight variations.

  2. Measuring at the wrong time of the day as feet can change size throughout the day. The best time to measure shoe size is afternoon or evening.

  3. Measuring with thick socks on as they can add extra bulk, affecting the preciseness of your foot measurement.

  4. Pulling the measuring tape too tightly or loosely can lead to incorrect measurements. Therefore, aim for the comfortable yet secure fit of the measuring tape, and you will get the correct measurements.

  5. Rushing through the measurement process can result in inaccurate measurements too. Therefore, you must take your time and always double-check.


By following all the steps mentioned above, you will definitely set yourself on the path to ultimate comfort and style. However, one crucial piece of the puzzle remains: finding the right manufacturer to make custom shoes of your dreams. Choosing a reputable brand that understands the intricacies of crafting custom footwear is essential. That’s where Pierzel comes into play. It is a brand known for its commitment to quality, luxury, and personalized fit. Whether you are looking for tassel loafers or Chelsea boots, Pierzel has got it all. So step into a world of bespoke perfection with Pierzel and let your feet experience the comfort they deserve. Happy shoe shopping!

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