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From Work to Weekend: Essential Shoes for Men

  • September 24, 2022
  • Shoe Tips

If you are the guy that rocks the same kicks to the office on Mondays and the beach on weekends, you got to rethink

But don’t get us wrong; we are not trying to police your fashion but to point you in the right direction. Remember, your shoes speak more of your personality than you think; hence, you must get it right. People can judge your professionalism and fashion sense by looking at your shoes.

So Fellas, buckle up as things are about to get shoe-per interesting because this article will delve into the world of men’s shoes. We’ll discuss the must-have and nice-to-have shoes for the workplace and weekends. But the catch is that you must stay to the end.

Essential Shoes for Men

Finding the Right Shoes for Occasion

Selecting the right shoes for an occasion isn’t rocket science but requires a little know-how. Hear this, guys; you’ve no reason to wear the wrong shoes on any occasion, whether for work on Monday or a night out on Friday, which makes this process extra important. But relax, we got your back; if you want to be termed the guy with the perfect fashion sense, consider these when picking your shoes.

The Occasion 

It is the first step in mastering the shoe game. You must understand that every occasion has a pair of shoes that fits. It will be inappropriate for you to attend a meeting with your boss wearing a pair of sandals or playing golf on the weekend with polished Oxfords.

Also, it would help if you thought of specificity. It’s not enough to know you’re going for a formal occasion but who will you meet there or you are going on a date but with who? Knowing the guest or people you plan to meet will help you make good choices. 

Your Outfit 

Your outfit plays a crucial role in finding a suitable shoe. You’ll have to consider the design and color scheme of your attire. I bet you don’t want the attention that comes from wearing a color riot or being described as fashionably clueless. To get this right, you’d have to do a lot of testing until you hit the spot.


Edward Whitacre, Jr said,” Be willing to step outside your comfort zone occasionally.” This philosophy might be true for other aspects of life, but if for a shoe, don’t dare. If you’ve ever experienced the pains of an uncomfortable shoe, you’ll understand better why we are emphatic. Refrain from trading your comfort, whether going to a formal event or relaxing over the weekend; never settle for shoes that will cause any inconvenience, no matter how chic.

Classic and Stylish Options for the Workplace

The kind of shoes you rock in your office plays a significant role in shaping your professional image. The fact that you’re the CEO or a new hire doesn’t exempt you from being a dapper gentleman. So, please take note of these classic and stylish options. 

Oxford shoes

The Oxford dress shoes are the top shoe in men’s wardrobes. Their origin dates back to the 19th century at Oxford University London, where it got its name. This shoe is one of the dressiest you can buy and a must-have for every gentleman wanting to drip. 

Oxford shoes have a closed lacing system which gives the shoe its uniqueness. The eyelets are sewn under the vamp, giving the shoe a clean, sleek, and formal appearance. It’s most suited for formal occasions such as fancy dates, weddings, funerals, and interviews. 

Oxford men shoes

There are variations in the Oxford shoe: they differ in color and styles: The Plain toe, Whole-cut, Cap-toe, Wingtip Classic, and Saddle. The Oxford Whole Cut is the shoe of the moment; you can use it to take Luxury to another dimension. It goes through rigorous manufacturing and can only be found in the high-end shoe shop. Are you looking for a high-quality and classy whole cut? Then try our Corgi cognac.

The Corgi cognac is the best you’ve ever owned. It is 100% handcrafted and has an elegant, sleek silhouette, skillfully created from a single piece of calf leather, then hand-dyed and polished to a beautiful patina. Its rich broguing forms a curve around the opening, and the lacing around the shoe adds elegance to the beautiful oxfords. 

Derby shoes

The Derby shoe, also called Bluchers, was used previously as a sporting and hunting boot. It gained traction in the 1850s, and by the 20th century, it was already a household name in the fashion space. Most people confuse it with the Oxford shoe, but they are different. Unlike the Oxford, Derby has an open lace system; its eyelets are sewn on the top of the vamp resulting in a loose fit, which makes them versatile and the best alternative to the Oxford shoes. They can be used in different settings.

Monk Strap Shoe

The Monk strap shoes are dressy shoes that use a piece of leather strapped across the top of the shoe and held in place with one or more buckles. They are used in formal settings; however not as formal as the Oxford and Derby but can be worn in smart casual outfits. They pair perfectly with trousers, chinos, and jeans. If you are a guy that enjoys extra attention and wants to stand out from the crowd, then you should get the Monk strap shoes. The Monk strap shoes are of two types: The Single Monk and the Double Monk strap shoe. Their fundamental difference is in their number of buckles. 

Brogues/ Wingtip

The brogues are dressy shoes characterized by decorative perforation. Their perforation makes them most suitable for business casual. The Brogues with perforated holes were initially used by the Scottish to remove excess moisture, but today, they found themselves in every man’s wardrobe. However, Brogues are not only restricted to brogues: in a broader sense, any dress shoe with decorative perforation can be referred to as brogues; hence it’s not strange to see Oxford brogues, Derby brogues, Monkstrap brogues.

The brown brogue shoes’ versatility is one reason for their wide adoption; they fit virtually any style and color of the suit and are perfect for any setting, whether for an office or business meeting. Also, its durability is another quality to admire: it can be worn week in and week out.


Loafers are versatile slip-on shoes with no lace. It has decent features, including a plain strap, a strap with a slit for the penny loafer, or a metal ornament for the bit loafers. You can use it in formal and casual settings, and it is available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. They come in leather or suede and can be worn without socks. Many feel that loafers are the most suitable if you want to dress up and down.

men loafers

But contrary to this opinion, you can wear loafers with trousers, jeans, and chinos. The Penny loafers, a strap with a slit opening, are most suited for a casual setting. But if you’re looking for a formal option that can be worn on a suit, try the Bit or the Tassel loafers. 

Our Tassel loafers are handmade from leather. They are tailored to suit customers, and designed to be durable, flexible, and comfortable. The beauty of these shoes is their versatility: you can wear them to a formal and casual setting.

Dress boot 

Dress boots are not as formal as dress shoes. They are worn in smart casual or business outfits. They have an identical look with the dress shoes ankle down and are worn with jeans, chinos, and suits. They serve as an alternative to dress shoes in winter or fall. If you’re tired of your usual work attire, wearing a dress boot could be a great way to switch things up and add a modern twist while dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea Boot, otherwise called Dealer’s or Paddock boot, is a high, close, fitting boot with an elastic side panel and no lace. The Chelsea boot range from dressy to casual shoes depending on the silhouette, details, and materials. They are the most dressy boots available in various styles and sizes.

 chelsea boots for men

The Shiraz Navy Chelsea boots are designed with beauty and comfort in mind. It has durable leather and vibrant color, making it long-lasting and aesthetically appealing. The boot has a leather outsole to provide optimal comfort for wearers. These are the boots to pair with a suit; they are sleek and showcase class.

Chukka boots 

The Chukka Boots are a more formal variant of the Chelsea Boot. They are ankle-high boots with two or three pair of eyelets made from either leather or suede. These boot range from dressy to casual depending on the materials, silhouette, and details. The Chukka boots are only suited for a few formal settings. You can wear more formal Chukka boots with chinos, dress jeans, and suits. A Chukka Boot that comes close to the workplace is the Dessert Boot. They have unstructured uppers and crepe soles.

Casual and Comfortable Choices for Weekend Activities

Boat Shoes 

The boat shoes were originally for nautical activities, but they have metamorphosed into business casual and weekend shoes and are used more on weekends. The key feature of the boat shoes is the laces that run around the topside of the shoe. While the boat shoes fit perfectly on shorts, they could go on chinos; your pants must have a tapered end. 


Espadrilles are the perfect shoes to hit the beach. It derives its name from esparto, the coarse ground in North Africa & Spain. These shoes are made from canvas and are plain slip-on shoes; their lack of float heels and soles is their defining characteristic. They’re light, breathable, comfortable, and versatile enough to go with almost anything you choose.

Sneaker/ Tennis shoes

Suppose you’re looking for shoes to rock out without the unnecessary formality of dress shoes. Tennis shoes are ideal because they are comfortable and smart looking enough to pass for your activities without making you look sloppy. Whether at the dinner or bar having drinks with friends, tennis shoes can quickly become your go-to casual option.


This is a lot to process, but you must never forget that you should have work and weekend shoes. You can use this as a rule of thumb: if casual dressing is the norm in your office, you’ll need 1-2 pairs of dress shoes, which can be used for formal occasions. However, if the job requires business casual attire, we recommend getting 3-4 pairs of business casual shoes: at the minimum, every guy should have a pair.

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